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16:05Why Afghanistan Is Impossible to Conquer
Why Afghanistan Is Impossible to ConquerGanger 1,3 mill21 time siden
9:57Why 50% of Canadians Live South of This Line
18:36What If You Were Stranded In the Sahara Alone?
12:05What If We Covered the Sahara With Solar Panels?
13:04How Israel's Iron Dome Works
How Israel's Iron Dome WorksGanger 1000 kMåned siden
18:16Why Climate Change Will Make Russia a Superpower Again
14:42What Happens If Yellowstone Blows Up Tomorrow?
12:46The Insane Complexity of the India/Bangladesh Border
12:56Why the World's Biggest Ship is an AWFUL Idea
Why the World's Biggest Ship is an AWFUL IdeaGanger 1,6 mill3 måneder siden
16:23Countries With WAY Fewer People Than You Think
13:08The Problem With the Middle East's Borders
The Problem With the Middle East's BordersGanger 1,4 mill4 måneder siden
15:56Why Taiwan "Sorta" Claims Mongolia and More
Why Taiwan "Sorta" Claims Mongolia and MoreGanger 1,1 mill5 måneder siden
10:30China's Insane Plan to Dig a Canal Across the Balkans
10:48Why the Future of Cars is Inevitably Electric
11:28Africa's Desert Problem: How to Stop the Sahara
10:58The World's Strangest Borders Pt 6: Wacky US States
10:46The Bizarre Way We'll Keep Track of Time on Mars


  • Switzerland: got surrounded in the middle of large friendly countries now Meanwhile in Asia~ Philippines: goodby.... *(got bombarded by enemy bombers and missiles from the north due to unpreparedness)*

  • "Hey remember when the world almost blew up"

  • Me: How did I not know about this!? Me after reading the comments: It happened again!?

  • Good summary. Usually these types of videos are riddled with inaccuracies and mistakes, but not this one

  • well im pretty sure texas has its own power grid so we chillin.... hopefully

  • 0:44 they let them ? What about the war that went for more than 100 years between France and Algeria

  • Drop large amounts of sugar in the water

  • Barrow, Alaska is like the far lands of Minecraft.

  • i would buy out cheez it’s

  • As much as I hate the British, this is impressive

  • What if the democrats who all got on that jet and were told they would be arrested if they did not return to session immediately was really a trial run for their planned disappearance in the middle of the night like the communist did when the soviet union broke up. They have already taken trillions of dollars with nothing to show for it. 5 trillion dollars is missing and that is enough money to buy 390 nuclear aircraft carriers. Where is the money. That flight was a trial run.

  • Bull crap helicopter 🚁 can drop u off at any of those places hahah

  • Don’t do it 6:57

  • So violent missions

  • heh...TOO many people

  • Don’t launch it 2:11

  • Americans: Theres money in oil, let’s invade and take their oil Also Americans: They have weapons of mass destruction we must defend ourselves from! Everyone panic!!!!!

  • Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji conquered and Annexed Afghanistan. Don't you remember this ?

  • King of Thailand is asss

  • The republicans would attack immediately. And we would nuke each other to death

  • Some guy: *slaps whale* this bad boy can fit so much sea animals Whale: fu*king exlodes

  • Its not north and south anymore.. Its patriots vs anti americans.. The south wont just have 11 states.. All red states will be the new rebellion against the union.. The union wouldnt win this war..

  • He didn't conquer it all, but Alexander the Great would like a word with you.

  • It would grow until the point climate change rendered much of the continent uninhabitable as temperatures climb too high to be livable. This will be followed by a massive climate refugee crisis which will make any recent refugee crisis look insignificant.

  • Funny how they overloaded

  • Afghanistan was ruled over by many empires in the past, get your facts right. Greeks, Persians, Mongols, Turks, Huns and Arabs all have ruled over Afghanistan.

  • "Grant" independence? They couldn't hold it

  • After hearing the truth the enemy doesn't sound that crazy.

  • Are you sure about Afghanistan 🇦🇫.

  • Yeah!!! More people

  • Not again I'm gone

  • 23 shots a month isn’t that much lmao 😂😂😂😂

  • Indiana has two positives I'm confused on where the negative is

  • Graveyard of British, Soviets and Americans.

  • I think you forgot Britan existed

  • They did him dirty with that photo


  • Imagine being the diver who was given the shock of his life. another case of thalassophobia

  • I’m pretty sure a worldwide catastrophe would endanger much more than 100s of millions of people, pretty much everyone on earth would be in trouble.

  • The chances of Russia firing a Nuke anywhere near American soil and the USA and other nato countries not retailing with their own nukes is simply ridiculous Russia might get 10 off before the end of their existence simply

  • Sweden and Finland controlled by russia... eeh NO!

  • you never said a word about the freedom loving people of afghanistan who fought foreign occupation, you must go work for bbc and cnn and keep putting words in our hears about the excuse of geographical location and terrain. advice to freedom haters is not to mess with anyone's freedom. 48 countries coalition have been defeated by what they called a ''rag tag militia'', well the robbers are running with there tails between there legs lmao

  • so basically afganistan is so hard to conquer that the afganistani or the less organized afganistani can't conquer it

  • It’s because it has really bad terrain and the Taliban use that to their advantage.

  • There is a rumour that NASA wants to drill into Yellowstone to stop it from erupting, if they do that then I think it will erupt whenever they do it.

  • Whole video is wrong from beginning to end. If they build Canal Istanbul they will build residents and apartments right by it. So how that can be safer for Istanbul people? False. The government is trying to make money from it. The mother of Qatar Prince bought a land by the Canal Istanbul years ago that project wasn't announced yet. How did she know it? Bc this government planned this from the beginning. All the constructions goes to the companies has good relationships with the government. Imagine how much money they will make. Plus US army will be allowed to black sea anytime they wanted. Yes its good for US but not for the area. Right now Turkiye doesn't make money on bosphorus but can close it anytime they want. Turkiye has a control over it, after Canal that will be lost. I don't like anything this government does to my country.

  • Yet another lost war for the USA

  • I live in Canada where it’s cold, I think I’m prepared for this 😂.

  • Malta, most religious least literate. Why does this seem like a parallel so certain groups of people in the USA

  • I want to meet the person who has curiosity subscription, I don't think it exist

  • Afghanistan is the place conquering armies end up after they have already conquered all the other cool shit. Then they are like “WTF?”

  • 3:02 that shot is not Rio de Janeiro's Cristo Redentor, but Barcelona's Tibidabo church.

  • it's impossible to conquer because they never wanted to do it. who they? they us ussr and more

  • The Graveyard of Empires !!

  • Mongols conquered Afghanistan.

  • Dont worry, I realize.

  • This title sounds like..."Why android is soo difficult to hack"

  • 3:20 I literally looked like I saw a ghost when it exploded.. I was like when I get a jump scare in horror games lol I got really scared

  • Who would want to conquer it ?

  • This didn't need a 10m video.... Anyone who knows geography would understand why.

  • In short, the ANA are a worthless fighting force and gave up over 80% of their territory to the taliban in a week

  • Estonia might be on to something considering the amount of damage that has been caused in the name of religion and the amount of whites supremacist groups in America and other terrorist orgs, such as ISIS, around the world lean on religion to justify hate and violence

    • Also vilifying Iceland for using cannabis when it’s prob one of the healthiest forms of medication that exists. What in the bigotry is going on in this video

  • Raja maan singh of amer conquered Afghanistan

  • Mauryans conquered Afghanistan

  • It's fun in Minnesota I mean it's just a little snow

  • I wonder how boring their job has to be.. id be watching movies all day.

  • America has border disputes with every country, so you can't really blame Taiwan for having them with less than a dozen ones.

  • Do it!

  • Mayuran Empire : Are you sure about that?

  • Doing this much research and work on a video based on an imaginary line is the most shocking part of this video

  • But, even if you tried, you wouldn't be able to draw a border that satisfies religion (same religion but different sections), ethnicity and linguistics. The people from same religion can be if different ethnicities and in some places people who speak different languages belong to same sect of the religion. It's very difficult to draw borders. Ethnicity and religious sects (like sunni and Shia) should be given utmost importance (since there are usually conflicts between the different sects/ different ethnicities).

  • This is where i Introduce the Tsunami bomb

  • 2021: Lets just say that COVID would undo all of that gain.

  • Only because it’s so big. What about Stonehenge!!!

    • They weren’t dumb enough to build a monument on a 🌋 dumb dumbs

  • At 2:34 minutes you have shown the Gilgit-Baltistan province AKA Pakistan occupied Kashmir(Pok) as a territory of Pakistan which is not the official part of Pakistan, it is just illegally captured by Pakistan. So you should correct your mistake bcz you do not have the right to show the wrong map of my INDIA any disrespect it, This mistake doesn't show a sensible nature.

  • Worse coming. Europe is being occupied by Islam ideology and sooner than later we'll hear about religious crimes then civil wars. Believe me, I know what I'm saying since I'm an Iraqi ex Muslim.

  • I think the only solution to political imbalance is to get rid of humans. Thoughts? I think this goes without saying, but just in case, this is a joke not meant to be taken seriously.

  • A couple nukes say otherwise tbh But apparently we can’t just drop nukes anymore 😂