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1:12:46The FaZe House New York Reunites
The FaZe House New York ReunitesGanger 2,1 mill22 dager siden
13:25Prank Calling FaZe Clan Members
Prank Calling FaZe Clan MembersGanger 2,5 mill2 måneder siden
22:16FaZe Clan $10,000 Real Life BINGO
FaZe Clan $10,000 Real Life BINGOGanger 1,4 mill2 måneder siden
14:20FaZe Clan Trades a Paper Clip for $10,000
FaZe Clan Trades a Paper Clip for $10,000Ganger 1 mill2 måneder siden
8:24First To Hit Trickshot Wins $10,000 (Fortnite)
2:10We just signed this Fortnite Pro
We just signed this Fortnite ProGanger 622 k3 måneder siden
17:22Who's the Smartest FaZe Member? (LOSER GETS TATTOO)
10:14Introducing FaZe Scope - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe Scope - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 687 k5 måneder siden
8:42Introducing FaZe K1nG - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe K1nG - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 1,3 mill5 måneder siden
7:57Introducing FaZe Nio - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe Nio - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 661 k5 måneder siden
9:36Introducing FaZe Flea - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe Flea - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 1,2 mill5 måneder siden
8:19Introducing FaZe Virus - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe Virus - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 854 k5 måneder siden
8:30Introducing FaZe Faxuty - #FaZe5 Winner
Introducing FaZe Faxuty - #FaZe5 WinnerGanger 793 k5 måneder siden
10:34Destroying FaZe Adapt’s Room Prank
Destroying FaZe Adapt’s Room PrankGanger 1,4 mill6 måneder siden
1:54:53FaZe Clan Recruitment Challenge - Top 20 Finalists #FaZe5
11:21Among Us In Real Life (FaZe Sway & FaZe Jarvis 900IQ)
20:06FAZE CLAN vs SIDEMEN - Among Us
FAZE CLAN vs SIDEMEN - Among UsGanger 1,2 mill6 måneder siden
10:12Meet FaZe Bizzle
Meet FaZe BizzleGanger 701 k7 måneder siden
13:16Last To Leave Gym Wins $5,000 - FaZe Clan
Last To Leave Gym Wins $5,000 - FaZe ClanGanger 2,4 mill7 måneder siden
11:18The FaZe Clan 2020 Election
The FaZe Clan 2020 ElectionGanger 1,5 mill7 måneder siden
10:32We Turned the FaZe House into a Haunted Mansion
18:06FaZe Mongraal Breaks a World Record
FaZe Mongraal Breaks a World RecordGanger 930 k7 måneder siden
3:22Introducing FaZe Clan's Valorant Team
Introducing FaZe Clan's Valorant TeamGanger 565 k7 måneder siden


  • Guess what I have an Xbox 360

  • 2021❤️

  • lol imagine watching this in 2021

  • Poor teeqo bro

  • The nostalgia this video gave me

  • Who actually watch the whole entire video If you did your an actual real one 😤 💯

  • I love your faze house

  • Rug really predicted everything didn’t he

  • There should be faze clan vs hype house boxing

  • 6:42 lol

  • i miss this

  • 2021 what's good

  • Jarvis will surely lose to me in tennis

  • i thought banks was about to SPIT

  • Honestly, this fight is giving me a newfound respect for jarvis lol

  • The innate lettuce curiosly amuse because card spectroscopically inform next a opposite heart. sincere, bashful rub

  • Summer ray do be bussin bussin

  • Wish banks hit it

  • Who want more of these videos faze should collab with brandon

  • Oh no you’ve released the beast inside Jarvis sooner or later he is gonna get banned from boxing

  • whats the music?


  • Lov from oman virus 😁😁

  • RIP WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bro at 16:28 you can see SteveWillDoIt

  • I might live bangladesh but I went to us,uk,uae,nwc

  • My dream is to become a faze member

  • nah jarvis was aimboting there.

  • God has a plan keep trust in him

  • Yoooo I wanna see them buy this house

  • The good ol days

  • Anyone else got a Jersey Shore vibe????

  • ITS “KNEE CON” NOT whatever he was saying lmaooo

  • Lets not forget he is 18 OMG

  • we out here teasing Michael now bro c'mon

  • Adapts Highrise shot will forever be iconic

  • bro theres like 100 little girls who dont even watch yt

  • Who in 2021

  • soo who is next

  • 10 years, holy shit have things changed

  • I never tought jarvis would be this good, he looks badass too

  • No jev oof

  • Who’s here when Jarvis won the fight

  • I remember when they would do kicking out of faze pranks

  • I feel like Alex just kind of scammed his way through all of this video

  • I searched this

  • Dude this shit is crazy

  • You guys are a bunch of no good greedy money hungry sellouts. Faze was a clan, now it’s a brand. Get the f out of here.

  • 18:44 he said "is that it" because the fight was over too fast. Ezz claps for Jarvis

  • FFL*Faze For Life*

  • Imagine Jarvis doing this now. I think he would at least make the podium

  • Good old days man

  • my childhood in one video, so nostalgic.

  • Legendary

  • 18:08 yeah that didn't really aged well

  • U guys suck

  • These were the good old days I miss these days

  • Something smells in an unoccupied town Kay: it’s a dead person

  • 2021?? Gotta watch this every year to remind me of the good days🥲

  • Love how jarvis is just chilling

  • I turned at my screen and saw a pancake flying at me

  • Who’s still here to this day

  • Crazy how time flies man... this just came out the other day. I miss when BO2 was still new and MW2 was still in style🤧🤒 the gaming world has evolved for the worst


  • Was it just me or did nikan say the n-word

  • I cant stop watching these youtube vs tiktok videos, especially jarvis

  • Is anyone else going to ignore the point that the teacher what did Alex to lose

  • Hannah is now in faze?

  • Saying that he is evolving is the biggest gamer thing ever

  • Sum1 cutting onions in here?

  • I thought faze was about trickshots

  • Pog

  • This man knocked out someone and then they made a documentary about it man that’s crazy this was kinda stupid but his mom and stuff is alright but a documentary like cmon man but this is just my thought.

  • 17:40

  • yo can i join its my dream of joining a clan

  • Wait uh real quick I just wanted to know which team was the Faze Clan on?

  • Who else is back watching this montages in 2021😂 I love avxry nd this montage

  • Don’t they have a pool