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BlacktipH Fishing brings you some of the most exciting fishing videos on the web. Our host, Josh Jorgensen, is an extreme angler who has an adrenaline seeking appetite for monster fish! Whether it's catching monster fish from the beach, from a kayak or from a boat, Josh pushes the limits of big game fishing. Our content has been featured on Discovery, National Geographic, Today Show and many more!



13:05Logan Paul Fights The Ocean
Logan Paul Fights The OceanGanger 53 kDag siden
9:40Catching Fish Trapped by a Hurricane
Catching Fish Trapped by a HurricaneGanger 167 k7 dager siden
11:45Catching Swordfish in Louisiana
Catching Swordfish in LouisianaGanger 379 k14 dager siden
MOST INSANE SHARK CLIPSGanger 744 k21 dag siden
0:18That's a BIG Fish! #Shorts
That's a BIG Fish! #ShortsGanger 366 k21 dag siden
0:20This Fish Can Stick to Anything! #Shorts
12:25Permit & Cobia Fishing in the Dry Tortugas
13:17BIGGEST Tarpon Ever Caught!!
BIGGEST Tarpon Ever Caught!!Ganger 560 kMåned siden
0:12Giant Grouper Eats my Fish #Shorts
Giant Grouper Eats my Fish #ShortsGanger 3,9 millMåned siden
10:43Who will Catch the Biggest Shark?
Who will Catch the Biggest Shark?Ganger 240 kMåned siden
0:32Tiny Fish Acting like Turtles #Shorts
Tiny Fish Acting like Turtles #ShortsGanger 22 millMåned siden
0:12This Shark Went Crazy! #Shorts
This Shark Went Crazy! #ShortsGanger 1,2 millMåned siden
8:01Wade Fishing for SHARKS
Wade Fishing for SHARKSGanger 225 k2 måneder siden
0:05Goliath Grouper High Five #Shorts
Goliath Grouper High Five #ShortsGanger 1,1 mill2 måneder siden
0:59Cleaning Dolphin in Record Time! #Shorts
Cleaning Dolphin in Record Time! #ShortsGanger 59 mill2 måneder siden
11:26This Tuna was MASSIVE!!
This Tuna was MASSIVE!!Ganger 723 k2 måneder siden
0:50This Fish is a Dinosaur! #Shorts
This Fish is a Dinosaur! #ShortsGanger 2,1 mill2 måneder siden
0:30Catching Crabs at the Dock #Shorts
Catching Crabs at the Dock #ShortsGanger 727 k2 måneder siden
9:26Giant Bahamas Black Grouper
Giant Bahamas Black GrouperGanger 242 k2 måneder siden
0:11Playing with Dangerous Sharks #Shorts
Playing with Dangerous Sharks #ShortsGanger 4,5 mill2 måneder siden
0:24We Got Bait! #Shorts
We Got Bait! #ShortsGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden
0:14Dolphin Attacked by Marlin #Shorts
Dolphin Attacked by Marlin #ShortsGanger 4,2 mill2 måneder siden
0:35Fishing with Bare Hooks #Shorts
Fishing with Bare Hooks #ShortsGanger 2,2 mill2 måneder siden
0:10Hand Feeding Giant Fish #Shorts
Hand Feeding Giant Fish #ShortsGanger 2,8 mill2 måneder siden
0:18Hooking Fish in Record Time #Shorts
Hooking Fish in Record Time #ShortsGanger 6 mill2 måneder siden
0:10Huge Goliath Topwater Eat #Shorts
Huge Goliath Topwater Eat #ShortsGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden
0:23Hooked Giant Fish on a Bridge #Shorts
Hooked Giant Fish on a Bridge #ShortsGanger 10 mill2 måneder siden
0:16Caught a Baby Sailfish #Shorts
Caught a Baby Sailfish #ShortsGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden


  • Logan is a clown 🤡

  • That kid needs to check himself into rehab quick say no to drugs kids

  • Dudes a 🤡.

  • この木昨日近所の浜で見たわ

  • My goal is to get it liked and pinned by Josh

  • Later his the fish became a human and gave more sucke sucke

  • Polar opposite of strongest men vs strongest fish

  • Awww wanna roast that fish, looks delicious!

  • I don't know why Carl gets so worked up over kings ...we caught a 50 from the beach this week in SC...

  • Ok we got it in the boat now what???

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  • I am never going to the beach because of that

  • 빨판상어넼ㅋㅋ

  • Handsome fella.

  • Bait??? Man I'd be eatn all that... pan n butter.. real butter that is

  • Wonder if OP has ever vented a fish he brought up and had it survive.

  • We caught a tarpon on a little greenback on a mangrove snapper rod and it was 20 pound leader and 15 pound braid and it was a hour and half fight a dolphin got caught in the line.The tarpon went into ankle deep water.The tarpon went under mangrove roots and we still landed the tarpon

  • Look up Tartaria.SOS.

  • Guy: look at him, hes just chillin! Fish: these dumb people tbh, ill rather die anyways

  • It’s a shame to see Logan totally monged out yet again, I’m really worried for him

  • I can't imagine what'll happen if The Vegan Teacher sees this channel.

  • U saved two lives 😊👍

  • I hope someone will clean you the same way some day😅

  • Ok, hear me out, FISH BEARD

  • Like the video, hope most are catch an release the state of shark decline is scary

  • you're gonna need a bigger boat.

  • I know that fish, it's terrified me.

  • Logan is stoned to the bone

  • He needs to catch a Goliath

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  • Amazing why did you kill it?

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  • The bait is gonna be my dinner for the whole week

  • Why could I smell fish? I'm not physically around any fish.... not fish I can _smell_ anyway... so why do I smell fish?

  • OMFG put it back🥺


  • Him: he's just chilling on you face When the fish : bro put me in the water I'm going die 👁️👄👁️

  • I think I found my new fav NOwiner

  • No gloves and move that fast? That's how you know he is done it countless times

  • Please pray for the dolphin🙏🙏🙏

  • Anyone else never seen one of those outside of Wild Kratts?

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  • bunch a snowflakes in here

  • Damn Logan Paul fucked this video up for me

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  • Won the tiny and blend into the sand how do you see it with the water to those are terrifying but they were cute Lee

  • is that the thing that sticks to sharks

  • Baramundi

  • Oh my god. Imagine your skin being ripped off like that by some random guy. Owwwww! FUUUUU

  • So basically these fishes are the leeches of the ocean?

  • He really just stuck a fish to his cheek

  • Nature you scary.

  • You people are weirdos and so destructive towards nature

  • I hope your going to eat that fish. And aren't just a trophy hunter.

  • He's high as a kite he ain't hung over but I guess we'll play along🤣🤣🤣

    • I drink and ride the bow on deep sea fishing. He's getting sick and the boat ain't even stopped

  • This guy casually playing with shark like we play with our puppies 🐶

  • For everyone who think it alive no, it death before they are filming stop comment about the fish have no air bruh ik fish can suffocate and die quickly without water but if there has water near to them they can release it cmon that fish living without water just a few second just look at other fish like whale dolphin they can live without water with very long time.

  • I’m waiting for magic to happen Mr Carbanaro

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  • “Sir what are you doing with that fish” sir sir

  • The buddy Austin seems to be a cool friend ngl

  • He needs to put those new crocs in 4 wheel drive mode by flipping the strap to the back

  • Just like my girldriend Lol

  • Wao this guy knows fishing!

  • Those guys running the charter expecting some great business exposure and Josh must have been stoked when Logan acting like a drunken tween Paul keeled over the minute they left the dock. Maybe show a little respect to your host when they go out of their way to set up a collab and book a legit charter for you and act right? Every charter boat I’ve ever worked on always had Dramamine on board for motion sickness, so it’s obvious the dude was still lit well beyond that….but I guess lack of respect comes with the Paul “job” description.

  • It’s a Mahi-Mahi.

  • If youre wondering where hes fishing I gotchu. Hes fishing a place called YMH florida! Comment if u need help

  • Logan was like the little kid joining his uncle on a fishing trip lmfao

  • Never heard of them

  • And you killed it to make a tik tok. Heavy sigh