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An element of truth - videos about science, education, and anything else I find interesting.


17:17The Longest-Running Evolution Experiment
21:38Risking My Life To Settle A Physics Debate
34:00Math Has a Fatal Flaw
Math Has a Fatal FlawGanger 7 millMåned siden
6:07How An Infinite Hotel Ran Out Of Room
How An Infinite Hotel Ran Out Of RoomGanger 6 millMåned siden
14:30This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your Life
This Unstoppable Robot Could Save Your LifeGanger 11 mill2 måneder siden
20:58The Secret of Synchronization
The Secret of SynchronizationGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden
17:30This is why we can't have nice things
This is why we can't have nice thingsGanger 7 mill2 måneder siden
18:40The Discovery That Transformed Pi
The Discovery That Transformed PiGanger 4,2 mill3 måneder siden
10:42Why Robots That Bend Are Better
Why Robots That Bend Are BetterGanger 2,8 mill4 måneder siden
13:14I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?
I Asked Bill Gates What's The Next Crisis?Ganger 5 mill4 måneder siden
19:24These Pools Help Support Half The People On Earth
13:00Q&A + Giveaway for 10 Years on YouTube
Q&A + Giveaway for 10 Years on YouTubeGanger 604 k5 måneder siden
16:57The Illusion Only Some People Can See
The Illusion Only Some People Can SeeGanger 4,9 mill5 måneder siden
20:06These are the asteroids to worry about
These are the asteroids to worry aboutGanger 11 mill6 måneder siden
19:05Why No One Has Measured The Speed Of Light
Why No One Has Measured The Speed Of LightGanger 8 mill7 måneder siden
12:28Do You Expand With The Universe?
Do You Expand With The Universe?Ganger 1,8 mill7 måneder siden
13:42How One Supernova Measured The Universe
How One Supernova Measured The UniverseGanger 2,4 mill8 måneder siden
17:34Why Gravity is NOT a Force
Why Gravity is NOT a ForceGanger 6 mill8 måneder siden
21:12The Infinite Pattern That Never Repeats
The Infinite Pattern That Never RepeatsGanger 12 mill8 måneder siden
13:20How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb
How Kodak Exposed The Atomic BombGanger 3,4 mill9 måneder siden
12:04Is Success Luck or Hard Work?
Is Success Luck or Hard Work?Ganger 4,3 mill9 måneder siden
15:13Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?
Is Dust Mostly Dead Skin?Ganger 2,7 mill10 måneder siden
14:10Half the universe was missing... until now
Half the universe was missing... until nowGanger 3 mill10 måneder siden
3:35The Launch of Perseverance to Mars
The Launch of Perseverance to MarsGanger 749 k10 måneder siden
21:10How to Slow Aging (and even reverse it)
12:51Chaos: The Science of the Butterfly Effect


  • It's easy to predict problems of the future when your the one creating them.

  • I really don't think some extremely rich people are even human people 😕

  • one comment to these drug, i mean bulb cartels, complete and utter baasturds"

  • Excellent video!

  • This was probably the best of these videos. The message couldn't be more important than it is these days.

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  • What about a video explaining why water dryes out (evaporate) from anywhere, if it is at atmospheric pressure and room temperature? All that seems to be needed is a little air breeze

  • Magic the Gathering got my attention :)

  • So what is the highest integer that you can't add one to? Answer that and I'll agree

  • Every county in the USA needs to use that Squarespace software during elections...

  • I wonder why we didn't hear more of this magical NMN in sports.

  • Seems mathematics is difficult for those with OCD , I don’t understand why it’s necessary to find the ultimate end number in a chain of numbers ,ect ?

  • Beautiful. When ever I learn of a paradox I know I am closest to the truth.

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  • I know this is 8 years old, but it just popped into my recommendations from YT. What I believe is that you aren't seeing a literal wave, but instead you're seeing the collapse of a probability into reality. Observation is what defines reality.

  • 'Let me put your mind at ease, we could die in so many more ways'

  • One of the best science videos of all time

  • 4:55 music makes me want to play Endless Space...

  • At 19:08 you make the point that the tail wind has been reduced because of the fan effect of the blades and as a result that tail wind differs from the surrounding wind. Question: can the vehicle go faster than the surrounding wind speed which has not been reduced by the fan effect?

  • Take a stick. A big ol' stick. The longest stick you can get. Get a hook on each end. Now turn on both clocks at the same timy with the one stick.

  • Does this mean that if we put all of Earth's trash on the south pole, we could eventually have the earth change rotation once we had enough mass outweighing the maximum moment of inertia?

  • It's not. They even have video of light traveling from one point to another insuper slow motion. Do some research before you look like a fool. Contact MIT for help n

  • so could you do this with a boat as well? ^^

  • Just ten years of world powers superfunding this research and we will be able to cure all sicknesses and legthen lives.

  • Easy we make a 10 GW laser on the moon and power it using nuclear fusion! Just need a lot of time and money.

  • Greatest video ever made.

  • To be fair, blowing up a 10km asteroid into a handful of 1km pieces would still be far better than dealing with a 10km impactor. It would be the difference between millions of lives, and billions of lives.

  • Perceived Obsolescence

  • Microsoft India hats off

  • Seems to me that any large amount of molten sodium is hugely dangerous...

  • Fantastic, inspiring experiment!

  • Couldnt there be another way to determine how the nucleus is spinning? Not just clockwise and counterclockwise from the top's perspective, but from a specific piece of the nucleus. Imagine this, you spin a ball clockwise (relative from a top-down view) and mark the top with a "n" for north. This point isn't moving relative to the spin. You can then invert the ball, maintaining its spin, such that n is now on the south pole. Now the object is spinning counterclockwise (from a top down view... n is no longer visible). The magnet, however, is forcing the nucleus to spin clockwise so it switches direction. So now "n" is at the bottom and the object is once again spinning clockwise. From the perspective of a bottom-up view, the object is spinning counterclockwise. This is the perspective of n, of its surroundings. If the electron emission direction is actually simply relative to the direction of spin from the perspective of the "north" position, a magnet would not control its spin because any nucleus whos "n" happens to be at the bottom would spin the opposite way. So when the emission doesn't obey parity it is because you aren't controlling for the starting orientation of the cobalts.

  • We don't need science experiments to prove adaptation is real. How long before this bacteria mutates into something other than bacteria? Let the nonsense begin.....

    • "How long before this bacteria mutates into something other than bacteria? " The theory of evolution suggests never. They could walk around and talk to you, and they'd still be bacteria.

  • The fact that I’m watching this, and barely passed math class last year is pretty astonishing.

  • That intro of him trying the water jetpack is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

  • How does one know that the outcome is undecidable. Maybe we just haven't the right mathematical tool for solving it. Since the rule is not random, I think that the outcome is determined even we may not be able to prove this.


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  • Come on, what a lot of rubbish, adaptation is not evolution. They started as bacteria are still bacteria. This is the evolution of deception.

    • "Come on, what a lot of rubbish, adaptation is not evolution." Evolution is the change in allele frequencies in a population over successive generations, which this definitely is. "They started as bacteria are still bacteria." Yes, that is what should happen given evolutionary theory. Are you not familiar with it?

  • May the force be with you


  • Dude imagine something like this large scale at a show

  • You left out the RNA primer and the five or six DNA polymerase molecules.

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  • Thank you for creating such amazing content.

  • "he called cantor a 'corruptor of the youth' and prevented him from getting that job he wanted." as the context changes the dirty tactics forever stay the same

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  • This video makes serendipitous moments even more sublime.

  • Wow... These people are ignorant... Longest running ecoli experiment what did they turn into? Stronger ecoli oooooh aaaaah the existence of micro evolution proven again! This does not prove macro evolution

  • Festo already have and sells fluidic muscle to niche market Additionally if you go and check out their other inventions, company has taken inspiration from nature and designed robotic kangroo, fish, butterflies, chameleon tongue gripper and fluid muscle arm.

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  • I love how the title of this video has been changed three times already.

  • lol his green screen is in front of the most basic office

  • Isn't it come from Malcolm Gladwell - Outlier book source?

  • This is only possible in bacteria.. not in complex organisms. Also what they won't tell you is the bacteria will correct the the mutation once is done being wiped out. Evolution is a hoax. Nothing in existence is able to thrive by happenstance. Every level of biodiversity is needed always for life to prosper. Remove any system of life and what happens?

    • @Sid B "Ad hominem attacks are expected" You don't even know what an ad hominem is. You *really* need to try reading before talking.

    • @Crispr CAS9 Ad hominem attacks are expected. I'm not wrecking your paradigm basic science is.. u guess that the complexity of life (as is) doesn't fit your model. I'm okay with that.

    • "This is only possible in bacteria.. not in complex organisms. " Similar things have been done in plants (one was mentioned in the video), fruit flies, and various other organisms. "Also what they won't tell you is the bacteria will correct the the mutation once is done being wiped out." This is nonsense, although that may just be the grammar. It is at least grammatically nonsense. "Evolution is a hoax." I doubt you understand what evolution is in the first place... "Nothing in existence is able to thrive by happenstance." Selection isn't random. "Every level of biodiversity is needed always for life to prosper." That's clearly wrong.

  • _There's a hole in mathematics,_ _dear Liza, dear Liza,_ _there's a hole in mathematics,_ _dear Liza, a hole~_

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  • Please ask more grade school science questions to random pedestrians.. it makes me feel smarter.. like I be running my own tech company right now if this is the competition

  • My man's been shiny hunting bacteria for 30 years long

  • I like to imagine that even once humans disappear from earth, this bacteria somehow manage to keep evolving and they become the next generation of humans in a million years from now

  • What if you build a tunnel. Place a timer on one side, and at the end a device that will react to light and give a sign. For example, you can use sound since we know the speed of sound. Stop the timer when you receive a signal. We take the total time, subtract the speed that is needed for the sound, and the speed of the sensors. We get the speed of light in one direction. Instead of sound, you can use any speed we know. the main thing is that it is stable.

  • lmao 44 to the power of 6 is 7.26 billion, and the population of the earth is 7.674 billion as of 2019 lol and it's 2021 sooooo it's probably close to 7.9 billion I would assume oh yeah forgot to mention that 44 to the power of 6 isn't larger anymore (this literally doesn't matter one bit because it's still a great video)

  • I still didn't see the bacteria make a kitten... THAT would be evolution not mutation.

    • "I still didn't see the bacteria make a kitten... THAT would be evolution not mutation." That would actually disprove evolution, which is a good representation of how poorly you understand the theory. Perhaps you should try learning about the subject before talking about it?

  • Wow.. has no one heard of the double slit expirement?? He has to be filtering these interviews.. NOBODY knew what would happen when the light hits a double slit?

  • reminds me of 3d art class, when i got the inputs wrong.

  • That’s a great question

  • I consider this video as a movie, greatly directed! Enjoyed every seconds!

  • I'm not a mosquito, but I am way more attracted to your wife than to you....hehehe.

  • shows me what an amazing creation we are made in Gods image and He thought of all that.. intricately amazing. and thank you .peace be upon you.

  • "Sadly he passed away in 2020 FROM covid 19", BS propaganda.

  • Hey Derek, when do you think the bacteria will evolve into non-bacterium, seeing the rate of evolution with bacteria is much faster? Or will the build up of deleterious mutations collapse the whole experiment some time in the future? Oh and have the bacterium produced any new proteins or new functions in the last 3 decades, your take?

    • @Jay Vlugt "So there's no difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi, humans etc?" Of course there are differences. I didn't suggest otherwise.

    • @Crispr CAS9 So there's no difference between bacteria, viruses, fungi, humans etc?

    • "Hey Derek, when do you think the bacteria will evolve into non-bacterium" If the theory of evolution is correct, never. The descendants could be walking around talking to people, they'd still be bacteria.

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