Abroad in Japan

Abroad in Japan Abroad in Japan

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British Guy making videos in Japan.
Officially better than Simply Red.

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British guy living in Japan.

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29:4812 Reasons NOT to Move to Japan
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25:18I Tried EVERY Japanese Fried Chicken | Ft. @CDawgVA
19:11What $250 Buys You at a Japanese Hot Spring Inn
13:49Why Kyoto's Traditional Homes Are Going EXTINCT
12:46What $20 Buys You at a Japanese STREET FOOD Market
16:48Why This Japanese Town Eats BEARS
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16:02Why I Avoid CHRISTMAS in Japan
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16:41Inside Tokyo's Most EXPENSIVE Penthouse Apartment
18:53What ¥1,000 BUYS You in Japan's No.1 Dollar Store
16:43I Spent a Day in Japan's BIGGEST British Theme Park
19:22I Tried Japan's WORST Food (So You Don't Have To)
21:50Inside an ABANDONED Japanese Love Hotel (4K)
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17:49How Does Living in Japan Change You?
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19:30What Owning a Sushi Restaurant in Japan is Like
14:59The REASON Google Translate FAILS at Japanese
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19:44What Driving in Japan is REALLY Like
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  • Sand June's are the worst

  • Chris u so funny.

  • Japan best country in the world, it literally has everything, even a sand dune??? Goated country

  • When is the official release, “too much volcano?”

  • Loved this incredible journey! Nagasaki is my favorite city that I've visited in Japan so far, and I hope to go back again when I can. I've had the pleasure of visiting Chinatown, Gunkanjima, and seeing the view from Inasayama-along with many other great places all around the city. I love how you can feel the history and the centuries-old interaction of different cultures as you walk around. Thank you so much Chris (along with Joey, Natsuki, Ian, and Norm) for exploring, celebrating, and sharing these amazing (and often hidden) places with all of us. Grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Kyushu through these videos. The quality of the film production and cinematography that you put into these vides really shines through as well, and takes them to the next level. Cheers mate.

  • Anyone else notice The Mummy music once we saw the sand dunes? Love it!

  • So genuine that I feel like I'm in the same room as them.

  • It's super cheap and the place looks like a 5 star luxury hotel. I don't have a girlfriend but I would go there by myself just to enjoy. lol. I mean they have cinema, cool lighting for making photos and no interaction with people. The place looks like a paradise. I would feel like I own a luxury house. lol.

  • "Please ham to you"

  • thank you for taking my mind on such a great trip!

  • I thought all the important parts would be blurred.

  • wait did this ever actually happen??

  • Natuski’s first appearance!

  • Me: Actually wanting to watch a reaction video Reality: Disappointment

  • This excessive amount of rules and order is my autistic daydream. For me it's the most attractive thing in Japan. Being autistic, I guess feeling like an outsider all the time isn't something I'm not used to already. By the way, living in the country with the highest amount of Japanese immigrants (Brazil), this thing of being an outsider goes both ways. Sometimes you see families that have been here for 3 generations and still act and see themselves as guests in the country, like if they are staying here for a while and eventually the family is going back to Japan (which often does happen, actually, since there have been more opportunity for expats in Japan this last two decades there have been a lot of ethnically Japanese young people that have moved to Japan).

  • Half way through the train ride I forgot why you were in the train in the first place...

  • What do you get when a barber, a cartoon enthusiast, and… Chris… go on a journey??? Probably just a normal holiday, honestly.

  • Looks like houses from dragon ball.

  • Natsuki always brings a smile to my face 😆

  • these fish are so cute. Tiger fugu are a vulnerable species. Let’s preserve the fugu instead of eating them. I’d only eat fugu from a very well train licensed chef.

  • Was the comment about the sand from the mummy?

  • I really enjoyed WATCHING this game. The idol girls really kick butt and were good sports.

  • cue all I want by the offspring

  • so you make a video about a hotel room in a train and somehow dont do a full 360 view of it, dotn explain where the shower is located... shouldnt that be an essential part of the presentation of such subject?


  • Why dont they add AC to the train? the hot muggy rooms would be a dealbreaker for me

  • He does look like a barry Rogers

  • Not intending to come across as a creepy...but Sharla is so adorable! 🤩🥰 I wanna pinch her friggin cheeks! Eee!

  • Man, you need to do some voice acting. Video games, books, animated movies or something!

  • @sundailove please take this trip!!!

  • The Japanese country side is nothing like the country side in the US. Bro you can drive 100 miles and only see corn and a gas station

  • Yeah Takeshi's Castle came to the US three times. Once on Fox ages ago in the 80's as King of the Mountain. Didn't last longer than 2 episodes. Then there was an attempt in the 90's called Storm the Castle. Only one episode. With an NFL players family involved. Last was on Spike TV called MXC. Hated every bit of it. Mainly because it was english dubbed. To me it wasn't funny.

  • Anyone know what the music video is at 7:08?

  • Was it cooler In The deluxe cabin?

  • Sadly, both Sunrise Sato and Izumo are the last surviving sleeper limited express trains you'd find on JR's regular timetable. Others sleeper trains have been transformed into luxury sightseeing trips because of highway buses (Japanese equivalent of Greyhound) and the ever-growing bullet train network.

  • Come on - the night bus isn't that bad. I took one from Tokyo to Fukuoka, and it was great fun.

  • Makes sense why they were able to film in the pachinko area since there’s literally no one in there, hence I doubt anybody would want to spend their money to just win kid prizes like an arcade casino.

  • I know a Pete Donaldson cameo when I see one.

  • Natsukiiiiiii

  • "Sink" - Also known as "Urinal"

  • I feel so sad for all the boys and girls whose debt was not due to a lavish life and not even their fault. Also for the girls who couldn't make the cut and especially for the boys who got shot between the eyes for not being female as if life wasn't difficult enough already!

  • A secret sexy club sounds like a lot of fun.

  • i wanna go on a roadtrip with pete

  • I can't say it enough. You ALL are hysterical!! Chris, you have a young Barrowman/Captain Jack Harkness vibe. Thank you ALL for making our days a bit brighter and our world a bit bigger with every video

  • This sentence was translated into Japanese and back into English, demonstrating how good Google Translate is in Japanese. Now you can see how bad / good Google Translate is.

  • I’ve heard that when a dish is referred to as “kitsune”, it is referring the colour of the food- aka: “fox brown”. Usually in reference to nice browning/fond on the food.

  • #nuclearisgreen

  • Now am excited for the trailer of Natsuki of Arabia

  • 0:42 what the FUCK was that car in the centre doing.

  • Great stuff as to be expected from a man with drip

  • “Delicious night” - Natsuki

  • We've never seen Chris as excited as when Risottoro told him about the restaurant.

  • I don't know about trains anymore after seeing Train to Busan.

  • I got a question Out of curiosity. What If You get an unwanted errection while showering or in the bathtub? Is that considered normal or a Problem?

  • Thanks man, nice words i really needed to hear something like this, in fact everybody needs 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Natsuki is goals

  • The clips of his English songs that I heard in here sound great and I love that he totally stole Metallica's attitude for entering the stage haha so great Also I'm glad Chris didn't fangirl all over him, I totally thought natsuki was hilarious in his interaction though 😆

  • Watching this after he did the chicken challenge

  • Cycle Across Japan season 2 sounds good! Maybe Brompton from the UK can sponsor a bicycle for ya!

  • Ryotaro saying "it's a UK size innit" Was amazing 😂

  • 6:00

  • The really amazing part they completely forgot is that you apparently get shoe bags to protect your precious sneakers from sand (which, indeed - gets fucking everywhere). That part is fookin' amazing.

  • Isn't Amazake like Mexican rice Atole?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I'm sorry, but Connor's voice is just like Caramel! I have such a weak spot for men with deep voices. XD

  • I would've used this if I knew there was a night train, free with my rail pass! Next time. Could save a lot on accommodation. Looks pretty fantastic.

  • Check out the gaijin who got in trouble for writing on the dunes LoL

    • PS 痩せたやな!

  • I love his personality ❤ he really is so cute and fun. It's his energy he gives off. He's awesome!

  • Can we please get a video of you all just eating across Aomori??

  • Haha im laughing to death dMm

  • That is the same price as buying a Bugatti and 3 Lamborghinis. 🥲

  • You deserved this like just for actually managing to see Mount Fuji after 5 Days! Well done mate!