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0:32Cruel Summer Season 2 Teaser (HD)
Cruel Summer Season 2 Teaser (HD)Ganger 40 k2 dager siden
0:45Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)
Titans Season 3 Teaser Trailer (HD)Ganger 377 k2 dager siden
3:19Love, Victor Season 2 Featurette (HD)
0:22All American 3x15 Promo "After Hours" (HD)


  • Jonah Hex returing at all?

  • This season so far is eh but we will see if it get better

  • Red isn't sex changed Katarina. Because in the end of season 5 when dembe and Red went to find the bones mister Kaplan unearthed dembe said to Red that liz will never forgive for what you have done to Katarina

  • Please let them be realistic and let Layla be done with Olivia. Like damn every time she gets a boyfriend she gotta wonder if her “best friend” is going to end up sleeping/being with him. They can be cordial but they friendship needs to be done with.

  • God I love this show.

  • Hope we get some spelivia moments this episode

  • Is this show actually still running? I forced myself to finish the first season to make sure I gave it a fair shake, but it was really, really awful. It was apparently the least-watched Arrowverse show by a wide margin, and then the star quit. How have they not given up on this mess?

  • If they switch the cast or storyline for s2 I'll be so sad

  • Wow , me , gusta , eso ,

  • Coop and Spence getting closer and closer to being cool again, meanwhile I wanna know what's gonna happen with Amena and Preach🤔

  • 0:14

  • So Sara is basically Phil Coulson She's died, came back, died again and now she has super powers

  • This is a great

  • This is a great

  • is kate the arkham knight the costume looks like arkham knight

  • Olivia and Spencer arriving together. What are they? They don't even know.

  • God that helmet is horrid

  • ❤️

  • So this episode is a filler?

  • I can bet yall like 100 bucks that I can write some good scripts than the writers of the show at this point😂🤣😂

  • Will be amazing season , can't wait 💙

  • This show awful

  • Jonah Hex better b there so we all can c if he remembers the 1st Zari or not.

  • I feel like the story is done. There isn't much to go on for a second season, I would love it if they pulled an Euphoria or Elite where they do a couple of episodes not linked to the first or second season, though. An episode to cover what happens to Vincent and Ben, an episode to see what happens about Jeanette, and maybe an episode on Mallory and Kate where Mallory is held accountable for her own actions and Kate moves on and realizes that she deserves better than anybody in the town. For season 2, they could bring back the cast but as different characters. It could be an anthology series like The Haunting on Netflix. This would help keep people interested as these type of shows where there is a mystery keeping the first season going tend to get boring after the mystery is solved. The aftermath isn't nearly as interesting as the mystery.

  • Adam Clapp Barry Allen: founder of the justice league

  • Still one of my favorite shows on TV. Did anyone catch Nick Stahl in the trailer like I did? Good to see him back in stuff, he's one of the thieves breaking into the Cody's place. He was also in the recent season of Fear The Walking Dead.

  • If Bruce Campbell were superman....

  • Hello my dear friends how are you love you all friends and I'm hello

  • 0:02 Black Mask: “How does one become...” *invincible title card*

  • Yo the tile of this epsiode is crazy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • AOOO we finna get a spelivia moment and Spencer Olivia and Layla finna talk OMG THIS GONE BE A GOOOD EPISODE

  • This show looks terrible but it’s in the cw so it’s safe

  • Jesus Christ loves you

  • Jesus Christ loves you so much he died on the cross for you

  • I think it’s like supergirl suit

  • I can't stand the suspense! Kate's trapped as Circe, Winter Soldier style! Circe's stole the batsuit and all the bat weapons. Black Mask is attempting to destroy the city. Ryan's been dewinged. I hope that Luke can stop Black Mask and Menace. We need the hypnotism spell over Kate to be broken; we need Alice.

  • No opp left behind 😂🤣

    • Rt what I am saying 💀😭🤣🤣🤣

  • All American is the only show where the main ship confess their feelings for one another and not get together

  • White Canary is bulletproof now? That's actually a cooler superpower than foresight.


  • So this has nothing to do with Republic of Doyle?

  • It was fun getting his sons and seeing his married life with Lois. It was fun seeing him as a guest on his cousin's adventures, but let's have real rerun on this Superman. Let's really get to know this Man of Steel.

  • Why did they stop this show!!!!!

  • But The Way Bella Sai Hi Ms Cooper Like Nothing Wrong I LOVE HER

  • WOW 🔥

  • Looks like Allegra needs her own superhero name this time.

  • Now that’s how I love this show.

  • Cool

  • baptimus prime

  • Am i the only person that noticed cleo turn around when hope walked in. She said, “welp I’m done for” Also are we not going to talk about how this show supposedly takes place about 10 years from now and news papers still exist nobody uses them really now

  • we finally got Batman on TV

  • Mannn I can’t wait I hate it’s the finale but I’m hyped Cw better green light for season 3/4

  • 옷벗 나 브라질 벗어나 아 진짜

  • So we get a spelvia moment next week let’s go 🔥

    • @Alex Cruz shiiii we been doing it for 5 years ya feel me

    • Swear to God, this shit about merging names sounds ridiculous af.

  • Just kill Coop off already nobody gives a shit about that sound cloud rapper

  • I hate that they have Liv looking clueless

  • The next episode after this is the backdoor pilot for All American: Homecoming (July 5th). Can't wait for it.

  • When my mom saw this before Clark's son's came her first words about this montage is "Lois didn't die did she" I laughed she thought this was injustice

  • Donde puedo verla

  • Back up?...fuck this show

  • One good thing about Carrie being around is that it’s going to force Olivia and Layla to reaaaally talk about their friendship

  • ahhhhh I really hope they find a way to get our alien-free sara back!! I thought for a second maybe bishop was lying but since she has these new powers, I'm really not sure of anything right now. I can't wait to see Ava and Sara as fiancées and Sara back in her element (the potential singing also makes me nervous though because it reminds me of bishop haha)

  • That Laura and Billy at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Oooh okay this episode looks fire. I love it how Jordan and Patience are pushing Spencer and Coop to talk to each other. They have to talk and be friends again they been friends ever since they were kids those are kind friendships you want to keep and fight for. Also um lowkey hoping for some splevia tea at this friends giving.

  • Please please make the new season already!!!!! Lol me n my wife is obsessed is the best show ever!!!😍

  • I hope Layla’s friend isn’t in the episodes much longer, lol. Even though Liv and Layla’s friendship hasn’t always been the greatest, I still feel like they’ve been there for each other in some kind of way. The girl(I can’t even remember her name) is up to no good. Idk how Layla doesn’t see it……

  • His helmet looks like one of this pet play kink dog masks.....

  • Liv look like she fought someone

  • Can I get some followers on tik tok my name is xenogoku2007

  • i stopped watching the show after season 1, should i watch season 2?????

  • I feel like this gonna be the cabin episode but opposite. Like this is we’re starts to try to fix problems. But liv and spencer showing up together might bring sum to the table for Layla. Maybe more if spence and Olivia like be flirty but I don’t think there gonnna be much flirt yk

    • I don’t think they’ll be PDA Layla’s it wouldn’t be right

    • I just peep in the recent episode that both Asher and Spenser are still cool with each other like nothing happened despite the fact that Spence stole both of Asher’s girlfriends and his spotlight on the Beverly Football 🤨🤨 Either the show is trying to teach teenage viewers something about not holding grudges or they got new writers that forgot the fact that Layla dated Asher first

  • That Carrie bitch finna be in this episode 🤢🙄

  • Make these promos a tad bit longer cw please

  • I agree with what Layla’s friend said about how Olivia and Layla’s relationship is toxic

    • @Rachel Torrey I don’t think just boys ruined their friendship they had multiple other issues that caused issues for them. It isn’t Carrie’s place to say but lets not forget who told her Layla runs her mouth too much.

    • @Rachel Torrey Definitely! Layla can’t hold anything.

    • @Michaela Mitchell Also Layla told Carrie about drama with her,Spencer and Liv and Liv’a drinking and I think Layla should have told her that because Carrie didn’t keep her comments or opinions to herself.

    • @Michaela Mitchell That’s true too honestly 👏🏾👏🏾

    • It doesn’t matter, it’s not her place to say anything about nobody friendship. She better worry about not relapsing again.

  • What happened I miss it

  • Dick Wolf is a legend! FBI and FBI Most Wanted is a badass show. So ready for this!

  • I think spencer invites Jordan and liv to the friends giving

    • If you look at the epsiode synopsis, it says they are having the Friendsgiving at Layla’s house

  • Coop and Spence at least need to have to conversation without emotion and if they aren’t friends at least be able to speak when they see each other

    • @Jasmine Corbin Spence blames coop about the shooting that happened to em and coop thinks it’s his fault for getting shot since she told her not to get involved and yeahhh they just stopped talkin …….that’s all I remember

    • why did they stop being friends again


    • What happens do you they get back together 😅