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1:46Ryan Reynolds' Vasectomy
Ryan Reynolds' VasectomyGanger 3 mill8 dager siden
2:05Welcome to Wrexham
Welcome to WrexhamGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
1:01Don't Aviation and Mint
Don't Aviation and MintGanger 1,5 millMåned siden
0:49New Aviation Spokesperson
New Aviation SpokespersonGanger 1,3 millMåned siden
0:49Highkey Craving
Highkey CravingGanger 262 k2 måneder siden
1:23Dream Job
Dream JobGanger 8 mill2 måneder siden
0:50HighKey Adorable
HighKey AdorableGanger 397 k3 måneder siden
1:33Bitcoin DocuMintary
Bitcoin DocuMintaryGanger 3,8 mill4 måneder siden
0:59Highkey Romantic
Highkey RomanticGanger 451 k4 måneder siden
0:39Sugar Panda
Sugar PandaGanger 391 k4 måneder siden
1:20Mixing with Diddy and Beckham
Mixing with Diddy and BeckhamGanger 434 k4 måneder siden
0:59I Don't Know
I Don't KnowGanger 1,3 mill4 måneder siden
EndorseMintGanger 2,8 mill5 måneder siden
3:23Betty Birthday Throwback
Betty Birthday ThrowbackGanger 1,2 mill5 måneder siden
1:14Deadpool 2 Monologue
Deadpool 2 MonologueGanger 1,7 mill5 måneder siden
0:40Mint Cameo
Mint CameoGanger 676 k5 måneder siden
0:39Last Minute Gin
Last Minute GinGanger 849 k5 måneder siden
1:05The Ugly Xmas Sweater for SickKids
The Ugly Xmas Sweater for SickKidsGanger 1,1 mill6 måneder siden
1:01When Satan Met 2020
When Satan Met 2020Ganger 4,6 mill6 måneder siden
1:28Match Made in Hell
Match Made in HellGanger 6 mill6 måneder siden
0:31A $500 ad
A $500 adGanger 5 mill6 måneder siden
EnticeMintGanger 881 k7 måneder siden
ForgivenessGanger 2,6 mill7 måneder siden
UnlimintedGanger 749 k7 måneder siden
1:46Happy John Candy Day
Happy John Candy DayGanger 378 k7 måneder siden
0:33Understanding 5G
Understanding 5GGanger 3,5 mill8 måneder siden
2:34Free Guy Trailer 2
Free Guy Trailer 2Ganger 7 mill8 måneder siden
1:13Trailer Tomorrow. Probably.
Trailer Tomorrow. Probably.Ganger 2,7 mill8 måneder siden
1:30Maximum Jackman
Maximum JackmanGanger 4,4 mill8 måneder siden


  • I felt that "Then"

  • If ever there was a movie that needed a Steven Ogg cameo, Free Guy is it.

  • That’s a lot of Gin.

  • Ryan I'm tired of seeing your pale face everywhere.. retire already and let other up and coming actors have a shot.

  • Preparing us for mcu crossovers

  • I need to buy some aviation gin

  • Mariah Carey is getting a lot of airtime with these trailers haha. This song is over 25 years old.

  • .

  • I feel I should inform you "heart" got censored with my snap notification

  • LMAO Ryan does great adverts. Makes up for the Green Lantern ;-) Oh btw best thing to do to alcohol bottles lol

  • you are sleazy like whole of the hollywood. i guess you prepered yoursleves to meet your master on the other side.carry on.

  • "2 Underground" 💞

  • His commercials really are the best

  • That Devil freaks me out. Reminds me of the Devil in the movie Legend.

  • I think he bought a company so he could make the commercials. lol This is what full creative control looks like with Ryan Reynolds.

  • 🤣😂😅

  • Horus Leachman of the FBI killed people and put bowel juices in marijuana and I was warned by God not to smoke it, then I went to a Pink Floyd concert where I was killed with a friend after smoking some of the weed with a singing group know as Skinner, and they killed me, and it was Rhonda Leach who did me in. Rhonda Leach is Horus Leachman. A pagan pig cop. It was 1984. I am Danny Filth. They killed me with guns and mattics and mallets.

    • In about 45 days.

    • FBI, you're a dead memory to me.

    • Murder was made legal.

    • That's right. You said you refuse to arrest the people who murdered me which gave all people the right to murder without punishment.

    • Nobody goes to prison for murder you said.

  • This man will have a successful career someday...

  • Been a Mint customer for 6 months now, and plan on another year. Best service I've had in a long time honestly

  • RyRy...Armani Code Eau de Parfum. Seriously? The Darkroom Ad makes no sense. Ode de cheap Aviation Gin? Keep the Classic 1960s Stingray Corvette convertible next time. #ChrisPineCaptKirk

  • Good song but love sucks maybe it's just me then again who doesn't love a good back stabber

  • Best ad I've seen in a while

  • 😆

  • Have you heard of Deadpool

  • I'll take this version 1:10

  • The smooth sea terminally pine because game frustratingly zoom against a honorable revolver. lyrical, gray greasy great beard

  • Always great

  • Cranberries are not sweet in any way shape or form.

  • The eight library equally mark because appeal retrospectively train excluding a melted mailbox. frequent, finicky apparel

  • More like baby’s blood sick o!

  • I can't believe I just in purpose watched an ads from without skipping it.

  • It is STUPID how entertaining I find these commercials.

  • He acts good. He should get a role of red comedy superhero.

  • I like you Ryan. That said, Puleeease stop making crap movies. You have a a successful franchise. It's called DEADPOOL. Why are you making these other movies that suck? Burt Reynolds did the same thing. Elvis made a series of crap movies too. Are you aware of overexposure? STOP IT!


  • Oh, RIP Alex Trebek.

  • thank you for sharing your vasectomy with us.

  • What you make when you're trying to be different and don't realize everybody hates gin

  • Princess Bride now? Deadpool really likes parodying all these franchises

  • What about Gordon's Gin tho

  • From once upon a Deadpool 😂

  • Brilliant

  • Maybe, if my teachers were drinking this Gin they wouldn't have lied so much. "George Washington? Pllth nah. He was a dick. I vow this should be given to teachers.. some students. Honesty, its really good Gin. You don't need a chaser and it mixes with pretty much everything. Salut! 💙🍸

  • الشيطان أنا لوسيفر متعة

  • Cinnamon and manhood is the way.

  • You are hilarious 😂😂😂🥰

  • This guy can resell teslar to Elan Musk

  • Have you sharpened the cream cheese spreader?

  • This is amazing!!! Love it!

  • Beibg a father is the greatest purpose of a man's life.

  • He sounds like he wanted to use another word instead of scamps XD

  • Vasectomy drink... , for the man who loves a sip... not a snip..

  • Vasectomy = that sound painful, did you use a blunt knife to do that job!!!!

  • Ask California why they banned straws.

    • She is Death Malice. The leader of a cult named Death left to her by Ellet Jarvis, Jr. who was the Mormon god Sancubus. He was also Lucifer.

  • Like, can we give this man a Nobel prize already?

  • This guy should be in movies.

  • I think we’ve all had just about enough of this dude.

  • Don’t. Care.

  • pr is your game.... how about sending a free btl of aviation gin to me.....pr and all

  • Rooafaza op

  • you literally haven't changed since " just friends"

  • That's alot of Gin

  • No Hugh Jackman?

  • i don't think that was acting...

  • I was really hoping to hear about his experience with a vasectomy. Laffs were not a bad surprise. The juxtaposition of parenthood... so much love, so much hate. ha.

  • lol


  • Come on Wrexham

  • Did he try *ahem* "password"?

  • Maximum Effort

  • I'm going to go ahead and say it. I like Nickelback

  • Ryan Reynolds has me looking for his advertisements lmao

  • Pop on Earth nearing 7B. We’re going to need more gin and bubbly 🌎

  • Is that balt Morgan Freeman?

  • Very good

  • I like

  • This is still ridiculous to me but fair enough 😂

  • Sir Reynolds I am. Truly. So. Like I feel like you have successfully created your own universe that only you know the rules of and we just live in it never knowing what will happen

  • I made one 🤘🏻 lol