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Phoenix, Arizona's favorite motovlogger.

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HE ACTUALLY GAVE ME ONEGanger 1,7 k21 time siden
0:31She wants my babies pt. 5
She wants my babies pt. 5Ganger 11 k21 time siden
0:36Someone's mad
Someone's madGanger 4,5 k21 time siden
0:09He took it
He took itGanger 8 k21 time siden
WASTEDGanger 6 k21 time siden
SHE CAN'T SLEEPGanger 10 k21 time siden
COP GRABBED HIM IN TRAFFIC pt. 2Ganger 20 k21 time siden
COP GRABBED HIM IN TRAFFIC pt. 1Ganger 18 k21 time siden
0:07He ain't thirsty
He ain't thirstyGanger 67 k21 time siden
0:33"I thought I was gonna die."
"I thought I was gonna die."Ganger 25 k7 dager siden
0:26Billy from Philly
Billy from PhillyGanger 24 k7 dager siden
0:10I had extra Powerades
I had extra PoweradesGanger 36 k7 dager siden
DON'T RUN AWAYGanger 26 k7 dager siden
0:09"Can you do a tailwhip?" pt. 2
"Can you do a tailwhip?" pt. 2Ganger 35 k7 dager siden
0:29Kids rev bikes for the first time
Kids rev bikes for the first timeGanger 35 k7 dager siden
0:23Got any staples, Mr. Staples man?
Got any staples, Mr. Staples man?Ganger 90 k7 dager siden
0:58He doesn't like crotch rockets 😂
He doesn't like crotch rockets 😂Ganger 213 k14 dager siden
0:22She wants my babies pt. 5
She wants my babies pt. 5Ganger 328 k14 dager siden
0:35Helicopter vs bikers
Helicopter vs bikersGanger 2 mill14 dager siden
0:26"Can you do a tailwhip?"
"Can you do a tailwhip?"Ganger 713 k14 dager siden
0:35I can't do that
I can't do thatGanger 378 k14 dager siden
0:17"My butt is sweating" 😂
"My butt is sweating" 😂Ganger 448 k14 dager siden
0:16That was a bad bet
That was a bad betGanger 88 k14 dager siden
0:11WANT A DONUT? pt. 4
WANT A DONUT? pt. 4Ganger 1,3 mill14 dager siden
0:05WANT A DONUT? pt. 3
WANT A DONUT? pt. 3Ganger 146 k14 dager siden
0:36My neighbors hate me. pt 2
My neighbors hate me. pt 2Ganger 8 mill14 dager siden
0:07WANT A DONUT? pt. 2
WANT A DONUT? pt. 2Ganger 242 k14 dager siden
WANT A DONUT?Ganger 131 k14 dager siden


  • You better run that cancer stick over

  • Thats hot, glad hes okay and his bike had a cage. Everything could have been much, much, much, much mu Worse.

  • I have become obsessed with these biker videos that I want a bike now for real

  • Someone who asks people for money in a public place is a panhandler. This guy might be lying but still a panhandler by definition.

  • lmao lowkey ur in the wrong here

  • This seems like fake news 😂

  • My mom would ground me for throwing hands but my dad wouldn’t

  • They just meet her you wanna get married

  • Believe me she ALREADY "got your babies" just wait and see lol 😂 Am a father of a little baby girl,she's 6 and is my life literally!Also she LOVES the daddy bike,she LOVE two wheels!I was 17 when she came out of nowhere (lol 😂) but her mother is a incredible woman and back then she was 23,i NEVER regret anything i done.Am a orphan and for me family is EVERYTHING *one edit she cares for ya ALOT)

  • Like the saying. What DOES it say?

  • Why is that something "incredible"??!! Bro i always give cigarettes when someone ask,or money food etc,especially on 3-5 occasions (can't remember the exact cause i NEVER count what i gave) the guys spoke like you SO nice and friendly and i gave my whole package and ALL of them act like i gave them a million!Guys,give when someone ask for something,it help ALOT when you gonna sleep at night (am a soldier so i don't sleep very often *lol but still)

  • Worst injuries I've seen working st the hospital has been from motorcycle accidents. Most of the time it's not the bikers fault. Be safe out there.

  • You should get an H2

  • People with no skills become cops

  • Hi happy 500 k

  • You punked

  • This will always make me smile like an idiot (the sound of motorcycle engine )

  • This is the humor I live for

  • hes probably just taking it for a quick spin without going fast

  • Well she is trying to be understanding, might as well try to be considerate too.

  • Did you just give it to someone else or throw it away or something?

  • Good me

  • You know, there really aren't a lot of actual Karen types out there. Could we stop using this word? Yt and social media commenters are bordering on fetishizing. They sound more karenlike than anyone I have ever seen who remotely fits the description of Karens.

  • This is wen the lid goes up onto the forehead assuming youre wearing shades, light it up at the next stop sign, and channel your inner harley cruiser boi

  • It landed tho 😳

  • 😁😂😂😂 2 can play that Game

  • SIMP 🤡

  • So fake..

  • These kids right here?....they're gonna be aaalriiiiiight

  • You smoke?

  • You make look so easy


  • Once he knew he was recording he said he had nun to say

  • I know why he’s nervous! Driving in Phoenix people have no regards for Bikers so it’s actually a really bad area for bikers !!! Crazy but she did good lol

  • Should have told her be careful not everyone around you is paying attention. 😭😂

  • Hi

  • She is still cute af

    • Lucky dude. Lucky girl God bless.

  • How we’re you so polite to her 🤯 killing her with kindness or something haha

  • I bet he's a real inconsiderate asshole. Just say sorry if I'm bothering you lady I'll warm it up for a minute and be on my way. The lady seemed to be nice guy was just arguing with her like an immature dick

  • Looks stoned af haha

  • Hi

  • I didn’t know you smoked.

  • Masface:and that's how I met your mom

  • Oh no the bunny

  • Jaajajjaj

  • I bet he like hiw she drive _"'

  • Keep it up!!

  • I like that, gave me a smile, the smallest things in life ❤️ May God Bless you both

  • This shit fake af

  • What a KAREN!!

  • Love that you’re nice to everybody!

  • Sexual harassment

  • You don’t catch a bunny in a hat and throw it across the highway that’s very inappropriate behavior. Than blame it on a car. Bunny’s are fragile you should not be doing that.

  • The best example of "bro's before hoes"

  • Sheesh

  • That was a test... You just won 10,000$ and a free trip to mars😜

  • could you do this on a 125?

    • Definitely can! Just takes a bit more pulling up on the handle bars to assist in getting the wheel up.

  • Hahahha sweaty butts go brrrrrrrrrrr

  • Ur vids r great keep the coming 😂

  • I have 3 bunnies and that's just disrespectful for yeeting a hurt one

  • M K F C=Male Karen's Last Complaint

  • If you don't want to live in a noisy area, move further from the city. All I hear is cows and owls. And gunshots every now and again.

  • She must be a democrat in California

  • Gonna die with a jacket in this heat

  • im….just…..Confused

  • So wholesome, i love it. Family is everything


  • Actually you’re just stupid. Turn signals are required for any motor vehicle to be street legal

    • Nope. I can ride around all DAY long on my motorcycle with no turn signals and use hand signals and would NEVER be stopped. At night sure, turn signals are required as it’s dark outside. Because then it’s difficult to see hand signals. But this video was obviously shot during the day, which means we were good. Thats why hand signals are allowed on a motorcycle. Most people commenting have never ridden a motorcycle in their life. If that’s you as well then you shouldn’t be commenting on the subject. Thanks for the comment though!

    • And that’s in the entire United states

  • As a biker i feel like these bikers are stupid.

  • To be honest I like bikes but if my neighbours was warming his bike up everyday I would be starting to hope he crashes it off a mountain... your own property or not we all live here together so don't be loud asf and expect people to still like you, unless you live 500 meters away from other houses then stfu it's obvious you will attract the Karen's

  • Bro your camera is so smooooth, it just stand out from.other videos

  • This is how people would interact everywhere if it wasn’t for offending people or stereotyping. I genuinely believe we could all just sit down and have a nice chat with anyone. But alas the world is convinced this isn’t possible anymore. I hope you all have a wonderful day and God bless you Edit: btw what I meant by offending is getting offended over anything or taking stereotypes as offensive.

  • Seems to me like you’re doing it to be a prick. Feel free to have a different take