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Hi, I'm Joey.

A Japanese-Australian dude who talks about anime and does other dumb fun stuff.

Still here? Then pop a seat and enjoy the ride.

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28:51Chainsaw Man is Great, BUT...
Chainsaw Man is Great, BUT...Ganger 384 k21 time siden
29:51I Spent a Day with a REAL Ex-Yakuza Member in Japan
26:12This Manga Destroyed Me.
This Manga Destroyed Me.Ganger 409 kMåned siden
17:07I regret not reading this manga sooner.
I regret not reading this manga sooner.Ganger 580 k2 måneder siden
20:05I Met and Confronted the Creator of Redo of Healer...
23:33I Spent a Day Inside Japan's PӨɌNSTAR Theme Park
27:13OK, let's talk about Attack on Titan...
OK, let's talk about Attack on Titan...Ganger 506 k4 måneder siden
21:35OK, let's talk about Wonder Egg Priority...
24:29I Spent $500 on Mystery Anime Lucky Bags
I Spent $500 on Mystery Anime Lucky BagsGanger 898 k5 måneder siden
19:41OK, let's talk about Redo of a Healer...
OK, let's talk about Redo of a Healer...Ganger 1,3 mill6 måneder siden
15:51I Tried Japan’s Most EXTREME Noodle Challenge
25:03I Spent a Day with Japan's Biggest Rock Star
22:30this manga is just... WOW.
this manga is just... WOW.Ganger 430 k7 måneder siden


  • "I'm a 20 yrs old, I WILL not laugh at penis joke anymore" *penis festival* *wheeze*

  • why he cant cross his hands im wondering what is the meaning of that.

  • Support dont fight MHA is not even top 3

  • Does your mom finally get stuck at something, under the table maybe?

  • Still better than Woke Marvel.

  • 32:24 Is it bad that i learned about the Homotaro folktale, bcuz of a Doujin

  • i have a agree disagree feeling with this list but at least he already knew that the fan base would be salty thats why i had an agreement because i certainly had a hell of a time between agreeing because a i get one of my favorites or guilty pleasures on a low tier but and some on high tier so i have a mixed feeling on this list but id agree for the most part :p

  • 0:04

  • This Shows That Everyone Loves Naruto!!!!! Except The Anime Man!!!!!

  • how the heck did Kaho lose

  • You're different? You're Special? NO NO NO NO

  • wtf pri thi watch 17900 EUR

  • I keep watching this vid XD one of my faves, I hope there's more Daidus and Joey content XDD

  • I finished naruto within a couple days

  • You should make a discord next 'myanimelist video and invite the people that sent their list and have them explain some of the ratings

  • gawd... i saw Tyson's face and i was scared... how you dare to tell him that? big pp dude!

  • this is yabe ;-;

  • Lol getting called out with the crime documentary thing, I'm not someone who just gets up and I'm like I wanna watch a crime documentary but like if my parents are watching it, I would come and watch it

  • *s h u d d e r*

  • 君の名は、I just saw the anime movie and watched this video, and Joey your joke was awesome rather than asking his name she would have asked his address. 😂😂👍 By the way, the saw 君の名は after watching your top 100 anime video and it was placed at 3rd position , of course it doesn't change my favourite anime Naruto but it was worth watching 君の名は

  • hahaha, I like this interview. I mean he do a lot of red flag when interviewing that somehow disrespects the ex yakuza, but wth, he just wants to give us entertainment! :) two thumbs up to you bro!

  • I guess That 'agni' name is taken from Sanskrit.

  • round 1 i got 4 points round 2 i got 3 points because i fell for the last question trap F the last round i barely want to say it because i got 1 single point

  • 😂😂

  • dam she cute

  • I like Japan, but I have no rose tinted goggles to so many lol

  • I want an isekai where a bunch of girls are after the Mc but the mc is gay

  • This manga is worse than chainsawman.

  • man's got connections

  • this may sound weird but CSM is like Demon slayer just in the modern world with humans having different ways to obtain their powers

  • You are half Japanese and you didn't know that you can say hero like "hi-ro-" cause 匕-ロ-.

  • Fun fact:most anime authors are just guessing ages,because if I were an author I wouldn't go my way calculating my characters ages and giving them birthdate right?

  • I've been shouting HYUNDAI...🤣🤣🤣 cause it's famous in Korea

  • "So fujimoto what will be the ending of fire punch?" Fujimoto: *takes a puff of weed* you know what? *I like star wars*

  • god i read oyasumi punpun thinking its a cute fucking bird

  • Anime not mentioned in this video that's half-decent imo(no particular order): Heion Sedai no Idaten-tachi - action fantasy - unique art style and premise, decent story so far Sonny Boy - psychological, mystery - plain protagonist but a rather refreshing addition to the mystery genre Scarlet Nexus - sci-fi, action - based on a video game, if you're a fan you'll probably like it but don't expect something great, it's just ok for newcomers to the series Vanitas no Carte - supernatural, mystery - amazing visuals with an interesting concept, it starts a lot better than it continues but all in all, good enough RE-MAIN - sports - a genuinely original premise, if you like sports anime this is a good pickup for the season Love Live! Superstar! - music, slice of life - never been a fan of the love live series but this one is a lot more down to earth and really charming so far, with a decent story Uramichi Oniisan - comedy, slice of life - the concept is great, a kids show host who's utterly hopeless and depressed, unfortunately the comedy doesn't always deliver

  • Sakamoto Days sounds so badass wtf

  • The public doesn't want MCs who have been mistreated, violated, wrongly accused, got himself beat, abandoned, got fucked over by close circle, then anime spends 7 episodes of 12/24 in total to show his rage, lust for revenge does put his revenge plan in action. Then at the end MC realizes "Ah it's not good to do the things that was done to me in the first place" and finds a girl or girls and decides to give up or forgive the antagonists. Power of friendship, forgiveness crap etc... The public is fed up with these bullshits. The princess has been kicking MC in the balls every nights, treats him worse than a dog, drugs him, lets others sexually, mentally abuse him. When he got back, did you people expect MC to "seduce" the princess and live a "fulfilling" life!!!???? *What.The.Fuck.*

  • After I finished CSM pt 1 manga and his Look Back one shot I was hungry for more. After finding out about Fire Punch and reading that in one day oh boy. Just huh. 100% recommend reading the Fujimoto Tatsuki interview with Samura Hiroaki. Reading him fanboy for Samura and just getting into the real grit of Mangaka art is really interesting.

  • 8:24 amaterasu xd

  • Chainsaw man is another recycled garbage, it's the same thing all over again. Go to an organization to destroy bad people, beat the bad people, and some random asspulls rinse and repeat, it's overhyped trash. people suck chainsaw man off like it's the next upcoming Jesus Christ. and it has some garbage side characters what is the point of Kobeni she's useless that has no point in being alive, why did 90% of the side character die but Kobeni is somehow alive and also the community, it's full of Shounentards with no taste in comedy. I reread this trash for the 3rd time and it never made me amazed it was just there with a worthless existence. there is no reason on having a side character in this manga, they either die or just be useless doing absolutely nothing the only important character in chainsaw man is Denji and Makima. Power is useless. the entire existence of Quanxi is useless. the entire organization is useless. also that Kobeni car and that arcade dance is that shit suppose to be funny? because I never chuckled.

    • Mucho texto

  • Doesn't that mean mech also shouldn't be a genre

  • I can truly feel the resolve emanating from Mr Tyson. I think this is the spirit that entices most people to the Yakuza culture. Thanks the the video.

  • 1:11 Speech × 100

  • The more I watch this channel the more I realize that you don't actually watch alot of the anime you mention or your memory is crap lol.

  • Dude, you have not much social talent XD Why are you insulting the proudness of an ex-Yakuza member? You shouldnt have told him that he does not look intimidating. That's why he got more bossy afterwards

    • @pog eren well, yes, in general, you can never be proud of something what you did not actively cause. But in reality we all have this proud in us, which makes us vulnarable and emotional. So, key is to know the values of your conversation partner to avoid conflicts. Joey was too nervous to focus on this aspect and made many mistakes, but still quickly compensated them with his fast and polite behavior. Is easy to judge from the couch, I know...

    • whats there to be proud of lol, being an ex gang member criminal, joey handled this well

  • while joey’s taste is normie

  • Imagine being 30 years old and renting a 25 years old mother for 24 hours

  • Cringe*

  • Reading bota bota I was thinking: maybe go to the doctor about your condition

  • where can i watch cahinsaw man

  • i don’t think joey knows that dazai used to be the youngest executive of the port mafia

  • That heavy one at the end, after using that a while and then going back to a normal J.O. you'd be like Rock Lee when he takes the weights off. You could open the 8th gate.

  • Bad horror relies on shock value.

  • "Carry the balls" lmao

  • part 2 with those olympic athletes

  • You forgot Abel Nightroad! And Seshomoru! OH! And the hot brunette samurai from Samurai Champloo...ok I'll stop....

  • Hey I love thought I was the only one who used to leave notes with animes...

  • 3:05 Yes I am!

  • she's become a regular here in this community

  • 1:28 We know right...

  • Joey, you are the biggest freaking weirdo on the internet why am I even subscribed to you? you're welcome.

  • high way star could be white snake tho

  • the firste i dident know until the second guess

  • i went back in time

  • What do you think about Vagabond?

  • Felix: "Now I want to go to a train station in Japan and start breakdancing" Same

  • the first video of joey i ever watched lmao

  • He's scary 😂

  • 17:37

  • "It's Disgusting" "Where is the next ep?"

  • 3:35 Eminem WHO?

  • what abut pokemon-red-blue and yellow

  • Twomad is just trolling you

  • I already knew about this case... When I read it, I realised humanity is already dead😞

  • 7:30 are you fucking up my asshole.... whoever made this list uhhh... you need help