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Official NOwine Channel for 20th Century Fox Movies. Home of Avatar, Aliens, X-Men, Die Hard, Deadpool, Ice Age, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Rio, Peanuts, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Wolverine and many more.


0:31Free Guy | Enter Dude
Free Guy | Enter DudeGanger 177 k23 timer siden
1:02Free Guy | "Sweet Fantasy" Clip
Free Guy | "Sweet Fantasy" ClipGanger 118 k23 timer siden
0:31Free Guy | Girl Meets Guy
Free Guy | Girl Meets GuyGanger 193 k23 timer siden
1:27Free Guy | It's Taika's World
Free Guy | It's Taika's WorldGanger 93 k23 timer siden
1:25Free Guy | "Blue Shirt Guy" Clip
Free Guy | "Blue Shirt Guy" ClipGanger 311 k7 dager siden
0:46Free Guy | Translation: Free Guy is Fun
0:31Free Guy | Ryan Reynolds is Blue Shirt Guy
0:33Free Guy | Jodie Comer Saves Ryan Reynolds
1:59Vacation Friends | Red Band Trailer
Vacation Friends | Red Band TrailerGanger 50 k14 dager siden
0:31Free Guy | Who is this Guy?
Free Guy | Who is this Guy?Ganger 3 mill14 dager siden
0:46Is Free Guy a Date Movie?
Is Free Guy a Date Movie?Ganger 31 k14 dager siden
0:31Free Guy | Marry
Free Guy | MarryGanger 1,1 mill14 dager siden
0:31Free Guy | Hero | 20th Century Studios
2:25Free Guy | New Trailer | 20th Century Studios
2:34Free Guy | Official Trailer | 20th Century Studios
1:13Free Guy | Trailer Tease | 20th Century Studios


  • Amazing movie!

  • The Truman show but a video game??🤣🤣🤣😍😍

  • Creepy

  • I thought this was going to be an interesting story, like Falling Up. Looks like another videogame/superhero movie bullshit.

  • Free guy from the team who bought you deed-pool and Aladdin aug-us-t can't wait oh course see this movie awesomeness job

  • When people who don't play video games make movies about video games

  • Why has no one addressed the elephant in the room? This movie will blow.


  • This is no dude, your a dude, this... This is a man He looks like if a pirate and an angel had a baby Drax: you known when and where he freaking said it

  • I know Jodie Comer is filming Killing Eve, but I wish she got to come to the premier. 😭

  • So weird to see people without masks and standing so close to each other.

  • Can't wait for this Fox!!!

  • Can't wait to see Jacksepticeye!!!

  • NINJA is coming to FREE GUY!!!!!!!

  • Seeing Ninja here feels strange

    • But very welcome It would be crazy if ninja decides to be a actor after this movie

  • Disney is removing the FOX name from 20th Century Fox and Fox Searchlight

  • R.I.P. 20th Century Fox (1935 - 2020) Now you’re 20th Century Studios

  • I just hope the old name is in there.

  • Can’t wait to see this movie when it comes out! 😄

  • Whatever happened to predictability the milkman the paperboy evening tv 🌁

  • I had no idea he was canadian.😅

  • Iam watching from 🇹🇿🇹🇿🇹🇿 Tz City Centre Dar

  • That awesome I actually got a nedal on hospital it's hurt a bit ☺☺☺☺💖💖💕💕

  • ¡Great Free Guy world premiere 20th Century Studios! 👍👍👍

  • Can not wait to see this!!

    • nowine.info/loft/rKiBf2vPl76FaXY/video .

  • If I could, I could go

  • I adore the amount of Passion they put into this movie. I want August 13 to arrive!

    • nowine.info/loft/rKiBf2vPl76FaXY/video .

  • So excited.

  • Deadpool 3 is looking pretty good 😃

    • @Batman Pop's Ryan Reynolds does seem to play the same character in most of the films he’s casted in like Deadpool, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, and Free Guy.

    • @Dante A.T. thanks 😊

    • Haha nice one!

    • nowine.info/loft/rKiBf2vPl76FaXY/video .

  • Free guy should be added in fortnite

  • Hi

  • 2nd

  • First here

  • Jeez

  • Taika is so freakin’ hot.

  • Acting and dialogue feels a bit low budget.

  • I am worried about this one. They have hyped it too much.

  • Trailer is cringe. Glad I read the comments.

  • ew, Damon and Affleck

  • Good to see its gonna be in theaters.

  • I cant wait! i dont know why, but that scene where he says he didnt know how to drive and the laughs afterward are hilarious to me..

  • Does Rayna scream when she is arrested, or go gently into that goodnight?

  • the film is like a manga but westernised lol

  • Awesome girl Dakota Fanning !

  • This looks so bad

  • gta 6

  • gta 6

  • Nice little Mortal Kombat ref there lol

  • they are remaking one of the best movie musicals of all time and a best picture winner...ok...

  • Castor Canadensis

  • Cops want to shoot him because his skin... Lmfao I can relate.

  • This Movie reminds of ready player one even though story is a diff. It cool, I’d watch it. Rip Alex Trebek. Some 90s2000s thrown in there.

  • Can't wait ☺️

  • He is best in his original accent he finds good character role that fits him best can't wait ☺️

  • Jodie Comer is so talented. She deserves a canvas of that size to fully express herself. 👌 I'm quite happy she has been chosen to join this great production with a major role. 😎 The Oscar is on sight. 👏

  • This trailer came out on my birthday.

  • Taika looks like he smokes only the finest weed on Earth.

  • Knowing there are suppose to be a large set of Halo references makes me want to see this more. Deadpool and Halo

  • We have been compared to West Side Story many times.

  • Free Fire Guy.

  • Didn't this movie come out already?

  • Gladiator : "Is he with you? " Kingdom Of Heaven : "I thought he was with you."

  • 'In a world... where refunds don't exist...'

  • What the BUTT?!?!?! How’s he doing that!

  • No....I'll pass